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Personnel placement

A service of the TPS GmbH is the professional personnel placement. With our recruiting procedure we find the suitable candidate for you and save you a time and cost-intensive search through the recruitment agency.

Benefit from our extensive networks. We search for a selection of candidates and you decide on the one that fits you best.

If you only need an employee for a limited period of time, we can look for suitable workers and provide them for a short period of time.

Personnel leasing

TPS provides you flexible temporary workers to cushion production and work peaks. With the help of our qualified candidates, you can easily handle any additional work that may arise in a manageable time frame, for example for a project. This reduces your effort in many areas of human resources management and our skilled employees can specifically contribute their skills to exciting projects that suit them.

For a variety of reasons, employees drop out from time to time, in the medium to long term. This can be due to illness, parental leave or a sabbatical. Here, too, our employees guarantee a smooth process.

In addition, personnel leasing is often cheaper for you as a company because the costs are calculable overall. If the temporary worker is on vacation or becomes ill, you will not incur any additional costs. In addition, you save time and money because we take over the selection of applicants and present you directly with suitable candidates.

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