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About TPS

As a service provider we are specialized in personnel placement and personnel leasing. Due to the membership of the ALTHOM Group our focus and know-how is in the technical area. We offer qualified specialists for technical documentation, engineering and software development across all industries. Through continuous, EU-wide job interviews and the use of our wide network in Germany, Greece and Poland we can always access a full pool of applicants. Thanks to our strong European network, we can fill positions with qualified and motivated personnel that cause difficulties for others.

Personnel placement

Companies need suitable and motivated employees. Applicants want innovative projects that offer them personal opportunities and professional development. The selection and promotion of new employees is an important component for an optimally functioning company. We help you to find the right "Personnel Solution".

Personnel leasing

In the area of flexible personnel placement, TPS GmbH is both mediator and consultant. Our personnel consultants are always close to the relevant markets and their requirements. This enables us to offer companies the qualifications they need when they need them and to provide the skilled workers with the challenges that match their skills.